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Program Outcomes

Interdepartmental Program in Neuroscience

  • The University of Utah's Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Neuroscience is an interdepartmental graduate program designed to provide predoctoral students with a broadbased training in neuroscience disciplines. Founded in 1986.
  • Only interdepartmental program at U of U that offers a Ph.D.
  • Established to offer students broader training in neuroscience
    • Wider choice of mentors than is available in a conventional department- or program/institute-based program
    • Offers opportunities for Ph.D. students to train in clinical departments (students currently in Anesthesiology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry)
  • Comprised of 74 participating faculty and 14 associate faculty from 19 Departments across five colleges
  • Program has prestigious NIH T32 Jointly Sponsored Neuroscience Training grant (Mary Lucero, PI; Funding period July 2006-June 2016)
  • Currently have 47 students in the program
    • 3 with individual predoctoral NRSA Fellowships
    • 2 with current or prior funding from The Epilepsy Foundation
    • 1 on Developmental Biology or Genetics Training Grant
    • 3 in MD/PhD program
    • 2 in HHMI Med Intro Grad Program (U2M2G)
  • Students organize the Brain Awareness Week public/school outreach events each year in the Salt Lake Valley with outreach to ~1000 students/year.

Program Statistics:

  •  77% overall completion rate
  • Six-year completion rate is 56% (National average is 46.2%)
  • Median time to degree is 5.8 years (National average is 5.68)
  • For students who graduated between 2006-2012, 95% are in science-related positions:

  • Department Representation (Top chart is proportional distribution of current Neuroscience Program students across departments. Bottom chart is proportion of faculty from departments participating in teaching or committee work in Neuroscience Program.)


Last Updated: 4/14/17