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Associate Faculty Members

Neuroscience faculty who teach, and participate in program activities.

Name Department Research Interest
Alla Borisyuk Mathematics Computational Neuroscience
Anna Docherty Psychiatry Psychiatric genetics
Matthew Euler Psychology Cognitive electrophysiology, fluid intelligence and cognitive differences, spontaneous and task-related neural dynamics, clinical neuropsychology
Bradley R. King Health and Kinesiology

Cognitive neuroscience; Motor control and learning; Memory consolidation; Motor development; Aging; Neuroimaging; Sleep

Richard A. Normann Biomedical Engineering  Information processing in the vertebrate retina; phototransduction
Shannon J. Odelberg Internal Medicine  Molecular basis of regeneration and cellular plasticity
Awais Riaz Neurology  Epilepsy and general neurology
Bert N. Uchino  Psychology Influence of social factors on the aging process
Last Updated: 4/25/22