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Alla Borisyuk



Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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Cellular Neuroscience

Brain and Behavior

Neurobiology of Disease


Diploma 1997, Moscow State University; M.S. 1999, New York University; Ph.D. 2002, New York University


Computational neuroscience

My research field is Computational Neuroscience. I use mathematical and computational tools to contribute to neuron and brain studies.

It is of particular interest to me how dynamics of neural activity is shaped by low-level processes such as single cell properties, network architecture, plasticity of connections between cells, etc. I am working on both theoretical and collaborative (directly related to experiments) types of projects. I have worked on applications in auditory system, odor coding in the olfactory system, emergence of oscillations in noisy networks and others.

Currently, my main focus is on questions of temporal processing in the auditory system, and on properties of stochastic neuronal models.

Selected Publications:

Odom, S.E., and Borisyuk, A. (2012) Estimating three synaptic conductances in a stochastic neural model. J. Comp. Neurosci.

Ahn, S., Smith, B.H., Borisyuk, A., and Terman, D. (2010) Analyzing Neuronal Networks Using Discrete-Time Dynamics. Physica D: Nonlinear phenomena, 239(9):515-528.

Nesse, W.H., Borisyuk, A., and Bressloff, P.C. (2008) Fluctuation-Driven rhythmogenesis in an excitatory network with slow adaptation. J Comput Neurosci, 25(2):317-333.


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