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K.C. Brennan




Professor of Neurology

The Brennan Lab

Neurobiology of Disease


B.A. 1993, Georgetown University; M.D. 2001, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons; Internship 2001-2001, George Washington University Medical Center; Residency 2002-2005 UCLA; Postdoc 2005-2008 UCLA.


Optical and electrophysiological investigation of the basic mechanisms of migraine

Dr. Brennan's laboratory studies derangements of brain excitability. A particular interest is cortical spreading depression (CSD), a wave of runaway excitation that is thought to be the basis of the migraine aura. CSD is also involved in traumatic brain injury, stroke, and epilepsy.

The lab uses a combination of techniques including optical intrinsic signal imaging and spectroscopy, voltage sensitive dye imaging, two-photon microscopy, and electrophysiology to study CSD and the disorders it affects.

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