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Mario R. Capecchi


Mario Capecchi


Distinguished Professor of School of Biological Sciences and Human Genetics

Capecchi lab

Brain and Behavior


B.S. 1961, Antioch College; Ph.D. 1967, Harvard University


Modeling neuropsychiatric disorders in the mouse

Homologous recombination between DNA sequences residing in the chromosome and newly introduced DNA sequences, termed gene targeting, provides the means for specifically modifying any gene in any desired manner in cultured mammalian cells. If the recipient cell for modification is a pluripotent, mouse embryo-derived stem cell, then the means are available for creating chimeric mice from these cells that will transfer the altered gene to their progeny. With this technology, the biological function of any cloned gene can be determined in the living mouse.

Dr. Capecchi is using this technology to genetically dissect neurogenesis, behavior, and neuropsychiatric disorders in the mouse.

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