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Ashley Dalrymple



Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Neurobiology of Disease

Faculty profile: Ashley Dalrymple


B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Option, 2013, University of Alberta; Ph.D. Neuroscience, 2019, University of Alberta; Postdoc, 2019, Bionics Institute; Postdoc, 2020, University of Pittsburgh; Postdoc, 2023, Carnegie Mellon University


Dr. Dalrymple is the Director of the NERVES Lab at the University of Utah. The NERVES Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab focused on using electrical stimulation to improve sensorimotor function after neural injury. We combine concepts from engineering, neuroscience, computing science, and rehabilitation to provide solutions to improve walking, restore sensation, and reduce pain in both preclinical and clinical studies. We have a broad range of interests that ultimately aim to improve the lives of people with disabilities using neural interfaces and prostheses. We are also interested in the mechanisms of how neural interfaces influence the nervous system.


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