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Matthew Euler


Assistant Professor of Psychology

Brain and Behavior




B.A. 2003, New Mexico State University; M.S., 2007, University of New Mexico; Ph.D. 2010, Univeristy of New Mexico; Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-2012, Medical College of Wisconsin


Cognitive electrophysiology, fluid intelligence and cognitive differences, spontaneous and task-related neural dynamics, clinical neuropsychology

The work in our lab is concerned with better understanding the contribution of dynamic neural processes to intra- and inter-individual variability in cognitive functioning. This research primarily involves behavioral and EEG/MEG studies with healthy individuals, which we ultimately plan to extend to neuropsychiatric groups. Our studies typically combine standardized cognitive assessments with experimental tasks and ERP or time-frequency analysis of task-related and spontaneous EEG data.

Current projects in the lab are aimed at addressing the following issues: 1) the role of task and stimulus novelty in variation in adaptive behavior and cognitive functioning, 2) the role of neural oscillatory phenomena in fluid intelligence differences, and 3) the relation of spontaneous neural activity to task-related dynamics and cognitive functioning (in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Butner). Ultimately, we hope that this work can shed light on the functional mechanisms of fluid cognitive dysfunction and help improve approaches to neuropsychological assessment.

Selected Publications:

Euler, M.J., Weisend, M.P, Jung, R.E., Thoma, R.J., & Yeo, R.A. (2015) Reliable activation to novel stimuli predicts higher fluid intelligence. NeuroImage, 114:311–319. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.03.078

Suchy, Y., Euler, M.J., & Eastvold, A. (2014) Exaggerated reaction to novelty as a subclinical consequence of mild traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury, 28(7):972-979.

Euler, M.J., Niermeyer, M.A., & Suchy, Y. (2015) Neurocognitive and Neurophysiological Correlates of Motor Planning During Familiar and Novel Contexts. Neuropsychology, July 6. Advance online publication.

Last Updated: 6/4/21