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Frances J. Friedrich


Associate Professor of Psychology

Brain and Behavior




A.B. 1973, Wellesley College; M.A. 1978, Ph.D. 1980, University of Kansas


Cognitive neuropsychology; language processes and spatial attention

Dr. Friedrich's research interests lie in the field of cognitive neuropsychology, specifically in the areas of spatial attention and word recognition. The primary focus of this work is to analyze cognitive impairments that result from brain injury in terms of component process models derived from cognitive psychology. The study of behavioral dissociations and the use of response time methods provide a means of identifying basic operations underlying cognitive functions, which in turn allow brain-behavior relations to be clarified. Current projects include the study of processes influencing spatial orienting in normal adults and how these processes break down to produce spatial attention deficits in brain-injured patients.

Selected Publications:

Filoteo, J.V., Friedrich, F.J., & Rabbel, C. (2002) Visual perception without awareness in a patient with progressive posterior cortical atrophy: Impaired explicity but not implicit processing or global information. Journal of the International Neuropsychology Society, 8:461-472.

Filoteo, J.V., Friedrich, F.J., and Stricker, J.L. (2001) Shifting attention to different levels within global-local stimuli: A study of normal participants and a patient with temporal-parietal lobe damage. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 18:193-226.

Friedrich, F.J., Egly, R., Rafal, R.D., and Beck, D. (1998) Spatial attention deficits in humans: A comparison of superior parietal and temporal-parietal junction lesions. Neuropsychology 12(2), pp. 193-207.

Friedrich, F.J., and Rader, S.D. (1996) Integrating experimental and clinical neuropsychology. In: Theoretical Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology for Clinical Practitioners M. Mariush and J. Moses eds. Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale NJ, pp. 59-80.

Henik, A., Friedrich, F.J., Tzelgov, J., and Tramer, S. (1994) Capacity demands of automatic processes in semantic priming. Memory & Cognition 22(3):157-168.

Friedrich, F.J., and Margolin, D.I. (1993) Response time measures of hemi-inattention: A longitudinal case report. Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology, 6(2):54-59.

Friedrich, F.J., Henik, A., and Tzelgov, J. (1991) Automatic processes in lexical access and spreading activation. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance 17(3):792-806.

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