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Franz Goller


Franz Goller



Professor of School of Biological Sciences

Brain and Behavior


1st Diploma 1982, University of Innsbruck; M.S. 1986, University of Innsbruck; Ph.D. 1991, University of Notre Dame; Postdoctoral Research Associate 1991-1994, Indiana University


Behavioral physiology of sound production and song learning in songbirds

Dr. Goller studies the behavioral physiology of sound production and song learning in birds. Current projects focus on 1) physical mechanisms of sound production; 2) the motor coordination between all motor systems involved in singing; 3) coordination between vocal and visual displays; 4) motor aspects of vocal development; 5) acoustic models and song syntax; 6) energetics of song production. The integrative aspects of these studies at the interface of neurobiology and behavior provide a unique opportunity to bridge neural control of a complex learned behavior to its evolutionary and ecological relevance in the natural environment.

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