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Brennan Payne



Assistant Professor of Psychology

Brain and Behavior

The LaMA lab


B.A. 2009, SUNY Oswego; M.S. 2012, University of Illinois; Ph.D 2014, University of Illinois


Cognitive Neuroscience; Aging; Language; Memory; Event-Related Brain Potentials; EEG; Eye-Movement Control

 Research in Dr. Payne’s lab is centered on understanding human language and memory systems across the adult lifespan. The lab adopts an interdisciplinary approach, merging theoretical models and methods from the cognitive and neural sciences, gerontology, linguistics, and quantitative and experimental psychology.  Research topics range across a number of areas, including cognitive and brain aging, sentence processing, visual word recognition, semantic memory, working memory, cognitive electrophysiology, eye-movement control in visual cognition, intra-individual variability in cognitive performance, and interventions to promote cognitive and brain health in adulthood.

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