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Warren Pettine



Assistant Professor of School of Psychiatry

Brain and Behavior

Neurobiology of Disease  


B.A. 2004-2008, Colorado College; M.D. 2012-2017, University of Colorado School of Medicine; Research Fellow 2015-2016, Stanford University; Postdoctoral Associate 2017-2020, New York University; Postdoctoral Fellow 2020-2023, Yale School of Medicine


Dr. Pettine investigates how attention shapes decision making, and how that process can be altered in conditions such as autism, depression or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. His research program combines theory, data analysis and behavioral experiments. To develop theories of attentional deployment he uses biophysical neural networks, reinforcement learning algorithms, artificial neural networks, and other cognitive computational approaches. These models are informed by analysis of neural activity time series recordings. Model predictions are then tested through innovative tasks, deployed both in controlled lab environments and at scale through online games. 


Last Updated: 2/23/24