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Neda Nategh

Neda Nategh


Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Research Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Vision Computation Lab

Brain and Behavior


B.S. 2005, Sharif University of Technology, Iran; M.S. 2008 and 2013, Stanford University, CA; Ph.D. 2013, Stanford University, CA


Computational understanding of the brain’s active visual processing

We move our eyes several times a second to scan the visual scene, and every time our eyes move a huge image shift is projected onto the retina, causing dramatic discontinuities in retinal images of the visual scene. The brain must bridge these disruptions in real time to produce stable visual perception across rapid eye movements. Our research employs a combined experimental and computational approach, including single and multi-electrode electrical recordings from the brain as well as statistical modeling, for understanding how the brain constructs the visual world during natural eye movements. Our lab collaborates closely with experimental neuroscience labs at the University of Utah to collect and study electrophysiological data from the brain of awake behaving animals trained to perform visual tasks involving eye movements. The ultimate goal of our research is to investigate the implications of our knowledge of how the brain controls our natural eye movements toward future translational research for patients with eye movement impairments.

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